On my Facebook page An Angel Is, I post a photo of the angel card for the day. Sometimes all I need to do is simply write a few words to accompany the card, other times the angels have a longer and deeper message they want to share with the world. The message today is about Compassion.

On a human level, compassion is often seen as being sorry for someone who is going through a difficult time, and yet the angels are showing me this is not what compassion is. At this level all we do is offer a token gesture of support such as kind words or a smile or a small service of some kind. These acts are by no means wasted and are appreciated by the other person. Compassion however is much deeper than that. Compassion is kindness mixed with forgiveness mixed with surrender.

When we go through a difficult time we reach out to others for help. This draws in kindness and begins the process of change towards a lighter and better future. It draws in new energy and new ideas and allows the old worn out patterns to start to break down and be released. This is often the most challenging aspect from a human level, for the changes and the breakdown of old patterns may take a long time to complete. It can seem like things are never going to change, that the situation is never going to resolve itself. The angels are showing me that this is the time when the new changes we have asked for are in fact being birthed in the vibrational world that overlays the world of matter that we live in. Our struggles simply keep those changes in that vibrational world longer. When we stop struggling and accept things then the new life we are seeking can start to manifest on the material plane.

One of the ways we can end the struggle is to work with the principle of forgiveness. The person we need to forgive first and foremost is ourself. Without self-forgiveness the new life we seek cannot come to us. Without self forgiveness we are holding at arms’ length the very things we long for. Without self-forgiveness we are not allowing the Divine gifts that we have created with our thoughts and prayers and emotions to come into our lives. Although we may be angry with another person for the role they played in our life, the reality is that we are angry with ourselves. We are angry that we allowed a situation to occur that we believed to be harmful to ourselves. All experiences are ultimately for our highest good – they shape us into the people we are meant to become. Through the process of forgiveness we can begin to accept the situation, we can see it as being perfect for us, for our growth and development and then we can release it to allow in new energy and the new beginning we are seeking.

The final part of compassion is surrender. Surrender is often seen as giving up. As being the act of a coward. As being the last resort. As acknowledging that something or someone else is stronger than us. Surrender is none of these things. Surrender is giving in. Acknowledging the perfection of the situation. Seeing that things could not have happened in other way than how they did. Fighting this knowledge or refusing to accept it is merely delaying the act of surrender. Once we surrender and give up trying to control or change a situation, the situation immediately begins to change. Refusing to surrender kept the situation as it was and allowed no fresh energy in, thus forcing the situation to stagnate. Surrender is the graceful act of allowing the Divine Will to flow through us and opens our mind to new possibilities and new opportunities. They may not take the form we expected, they take the form that was intended and that leads us to what we want.

So today hold yourself in compassion and see yourself for what you are – a divine and perfect Child of God. A soul who can do no wrong, who is here merely to show others how to live from a place of perfect union of body, mind and soul with Divine Will.



Angels & Stars


Today’s reading comes from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck. These are beautiful cards that were specifically created to help you manifest your desires, life purpose, and Divinely inspired dreams. They can help you “swim into the ocean of your unconscious mind, where profound thoughts and feelings can create –or–block your heart’s desire. Your manifestations will appear more quickly and accurately, once you discover your true, deep beliefs.”  Click on the picture to see the cards more clearly.  Pay attention to thoughts and feelings that come to you.

There is an important need to take some time today to let go of all of your concerns,  responsibilities,  and things to do list,  and just be with yourself and friends, and loving beings.  Take some time to do what’s fun for you and what feeds your soul. Laughter is a powerful healer and it is good for your immune system as…

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I have noticed a trend among friends, loved ones and lightworkers and therapists to be always giving to other people. This is a wonderful thing to do if it is balanced with giving to yourself as well, the best type of selfishness. However most people forget to do this. A kettle can only make so many cups of tea or pots of coffee before it has to be refilled. And so it is with people too.

I asked the angels about it and this is what they have to say:

“When someone spends all their time and energy looking after other people and putting others before themselves, they begin to lose their energy bit by bit. Underneath their apparent willingness to give to others burns a deep resentment and sense of injustice. By putting the needs of others ahead of their own needs they are reducing their sense of self worth and sense of importance. Their actions, while admirable, simply go to reinforce their personal belief that they are of lesser value than others when this is simply not true. By making time to be themselves and to honour their own needs, they will have even more to give to others, not least because their self confidence and self esteem will grow. The energy that they are unconsciously putting into fear, resentment, jealousy and injustice will instead be diverted into serving others with joy, compassion, happiness and philanthropy.

The resentment that they feel comes out in the form of illness, injuries to the body that appear not to heal, tiredness, anger, harsh words, not doing things while saying yes to doing them, criticism, personal insults and talking endlessly about how little time they have to do everything. They will take on more and more things to do and in doing so make themselves even more resentful. Yet if you ask them if they mind doing these things or feeling resentful, they will deny it, because in their mind it is the right thing to do to put the needs of others before themselves.

When you hear the emergency drill on a plane, the advice to parents or anyone travelling with someone less able than themselves is to put your own mask on first. The reason for this? You are in a position to help someone less able than yourself, so by going against the advice and putting their mask on first instead of your own, you will not have the favour returned.

Our advice to you all is to make regular appointments in your diary/schedule each day that honour you as an individual and to make that appointment unbreakable. This could be something as simple as a bubble bath or something more energetic such as a visit to the gym. It could be going on a day trip by yourself to visit somewhere that other people aren’t interested in going to with you. It could be spending time each morning with a journal writing down your thoughts for the day ahead. It could be going out for a meal with friends and letting your hair down for a while. It could be spending time in meditation or yoga, or reading a good book for a while without interruption. To do this will require the cooperation of others in many ways, so if you find it difficult to ask others to help you (which many lightworkers do), then please ask us angels to help you arrange these appointments with yourself. Remember if someone else asked you to meet them at a certain time and place and you had already promised to be elsewhere, you would simply say no, that is inconvenient and arrange another time. What we are asking you to do is see these appointments with yourself in the same light – that they are something which cannot be changed regardless of others’ desires.”

Sadly, I forgot this advice of my angels a few weeks ago and began to go back to my old working habits, the ones that contributed to my breakdown last year. Within 2 weeks of doing this, I became ill with a sinus infection. I ignored it and carried on. It got worse. I ended up in bed for 3 days because the pain and the tiredness increased exponentially as I ignored it. So while I was in bed, the angels encouraged me to do some crystal healing on myself and to ask my Reiki friends to send healing. The combination of the two helped a past life memory to surface which helped to dramatically reduce the symptoms. As a result of this, I also decided to change my working habits. My new working habits are this – I will do many things as long as they are fun to do. As soon as they stop feeling/being fun and enjoyable, I will stop doing them immediately and go and do something completely unrelated, even if what I was doing was incomplete! I realised that my illness was due to my resenting having my personal time eroded and vowed there and then that this way of thinking was over. So I released that thought pattern and behaviour to the angels and felt an immediate shift in my energy. I am now happily putting these new intentions into operation, and feeling better with each day that passes.

So what are you not doing for yourself that you would love to do? Spend some time with your journal/diary and schedule some fun time for yourself and make it exclusive and unbreakable!




PS Time for my bubble bath 🙂

In these times of uncertainty it’s good to know we have someone we can rely on – our guardian angels. No matter what we’re doing, thinking or saying, our guardian angel is there to help shape our thoughts and guide our actions. When we start to follow our guardian angel’s advice and guidance, life stops being such a struggle. It starts to flow and be filled with synchronicity, good vibrations and happiness.

Our society today is very good at teaching to know what we don’t want and very poor indeed at teaching us what we do want. It is geared towards showing us that happiness depends on outer, material things and not on inner, spiritual things. We are bombarded with images showing people laughing, joking and having a good time because they are using this product, drinking this brand, driving this vehicle. And yes, those things can bring us happiness – the short-lived unsatisfactory type that requires us to go out and get something else – bigger, better, more.

The angels teach us that if we want true lasting happiness, then our thoughts and desires have to come from the desire to serve and help others in whatever way we can. By putting the desire to serve front and centre of our life, we can help to turn around failure and unhappiness. The desire to serve can be fulfilled in very simple ways – the simplest being a prayer. By praying for a situation to be resolved, doors to miraculous results are opened. The angels teach us that when we pray we need to leave our prayers as open as possible, rather than asking for a particular outcome to occur. By saying to our angels “Please help to resolve (name the situation) for the highest good of all” we open the doors to solutions that are not yet dreamed of. By repeating the prayer in the same way until the situation is resolved, we will sometimes get flashes of insight as to what we need to do on our part. As we follow those insights, the resolution to our problem appears. Then once things have settled down, a prayer of grateful thanks is all our angels ask for in return.

We often feel muddled about what we do want, so the angels can help us to find and achieve greater clarity. When we are wanting to make a change in our lives we can talk to our angels and ask them to show us how our life would look, feel and be if we achieved that change. If the new life feels good then you can ask your angels what you need to do to start that process. They will show you step one, which may not even seem to be directly linked to what you want, but trust them! The way that we see to achieve something may not be in our long term best interests.

Also remember the angels will only show you one step at a time. If you don’t follow that step then the process will be halted until you take that step. When you have achieved your objective you can look back on the steps you have taken and see how marvellously synchronistic things happened. You met person A, who put you in touch with person B, who introduced you to event C, which took to you to place D which resulted in achievement E. And when you look back, you’ll realise if you hadn’t done those things in that order, you would never have go the result you desired.

So try this for yourself today:

  1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Clear your head and lungs of unnecessary thoughts and stale air.
  2. Place your attention in the centre of your belly where your solar plexus chakra is located
  3. Breathe in again and relax your body. Release all tension.
  4. Think about the situation you want help with
  5. Ask your angels for help with this situation. Be open to miraculous results.
  6. Ask your angels for a sign that they have heard your prayer – be open to those signs
  7. Ask your angels if there is anything you need to do to help. Follow the guidance you receive
  8. Give thanks to your angels and open your eyes

Hope this helps



The angels tell me that inspiration is all around us. You only have to breathe deeply to begin to access inspiration. Inspiration is actually the medical term for breathing in – hence when you breathe in deeply you are immediately inspired.

Another meaning for inspiration is “Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind”. This is the kind of inspiration that is available to us through our breath. Many of us don’t breathe properly or consciously. We hold our breath, especially when we’re concentrating (a time when need extra inspiration!) or we just breathe shallowly through our upper chest, not all the way down into the diaphragm.

We all have this idea that inspiration is something that happens occasionally as a sort of lightbulb, aha-type moment. And yes this is indeed inspiration. However inspiration can be accessed simply and easily at any time and not just at 4am. We also believe that this kind of inspiration is only available to “creative” people. Given that everyone is creative, just as everyone is psychic, inspiration is available whenever it is needed. Whether you are cooking the evening meal, deciding where to go on holiday, choosing a gift for a loved one, working in the garden, spending time with a friend ask your angels for some divine inspiration to help make the decision.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve asked for help with cooking the dinner and my kitchen angel appears, guides me to the ingredients I have to hand, shows me how to combine them for the best flavour and then had a lovely meal to show for it. My kitchen angel knows that I find it difficult to cook for one person, so she always helps me make a large quantity of whatever dish and then freeze it afterwards, for when I don’t have as much time available to cook from scratch. My kitchen angel also helps me find recipes if I fancy trying something different, she also helped me to design and layout my kitchen when I moved house. And without her I wouldn’t have had the courage to decorate cakes either! Not that I’m any kind of Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood in the baking department, it’s just nice now and again to have a little indulgence that looks pretty! After all people eat with their eyes first, and their mouths second….

To help increase your levels of inspiration, try these breathing exercises to help:


  • Close your eyes and breathe in deeply through your nose – really fill your lungs to capacity.  Then slowly breathe out through your nose til your lungs return to their normal size.

  • Repeat twice more

  • Now breathe in deeply and fill your lungs. This time pause for a few seconds before breathing out slowly.

  • Repeat twice more

  • Now breathe in deeply and as soon as your lungs are full breathe out hard and fast through your mouth until you feel like your lungs are as empty as a balloon with all the air taken out of it.

  • Repeat twice more

  • Now just sit and breathe quietly for a few minutes, just observing your breath.

  • Observe also how your body feels now, it should feel much lighter and more energised.

  • Now bring to mind something that you feel you would like to achieve or deal with. Feel the ideas and solutions just pop into your mind. Act on them – you’ve just been inspired by angels!



Found the same when my boys were younger – even now as young men they get stopped by the police if they have their hoods up to keep warm! Let’s hear it for the boys 🙂


This morning when I was at the gym, I walked into the changing room and caught the tail end of a conversation  “…he was ever such a nice young man, its unusual these days… blah, blah… really well -mannered and pleasant, young boys aren’t like that anymore…” and so it went on  for the time it took for me to open my locker and remove the things I needed for my shower.  So not very long at all really, except that, as the parent of two older teenage boys, it was long enough to make my blood boil and then calm myself down enough to say “you must be talking about one of my sons!” with a suitably sweet smile that didn’t quite make it to my eyes.

The one who had been talking made a sharp exit, but the other one wasn’t in a position to leave the room…

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Many people want to increase the clarity of contacting their angels so that they fully understand what their angels are telling them. One of the best ways we can do this is by making sure that we look after our body properly.

Our body is like a radio, it is designed to receive signals from other people on the earth plane, and also from angels and other beings in the spirit dimensions. If you want to listen to a particular radio station, you have to tune your radio to the exact frequency that the station is broadcasting on. If it is even slightly off it will cause the radio signal to break up and be unclear. By taking care of our body we can be sure that we will have crystal clear angel communication.

A good example of this is the effect of caffeine on our bodies. I was writing one of my blog articles and made myself a pot of coffee. I tend not to drink caffeinated drinks as a rule because of the effect they have on my heart rhythm. I didn’t think too much of the fact that I’d made “proper” coffee and drank it while I was writing. A lot of my posts are “channelled” ie I ask the angels what they want to say through me, tune in and feel the flow of words coming into my mind and out through my fingers on the keyboard. As soon as I drank the coffee my angel communication stopped instantly. I did get one or two odd flashes now and again, but on the whole there was silence…

Then I put two and two together and made four – and realised the harmful effect of caffeine on my angel communication  Our human environment is very loud and harsh and I realise that angels have to work pretty hard to get through to us! So by taking care of our bodies better, it makes it easier for our angels to talk to us.

This is what the angels recommend for us to do to improve our communication with them – remove animal protein from our diet; increase the amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables; remove as many chemicals from our diet as possible (alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, prescription and non-prescription drugs); use gentle cosmetics, hair and skin care products; use environmentally friendly cleaning products and drink plenty of water. So if you’re having trouble hearing your angels, try adjusting your diet and see how much easier your communication becomes.

If you are already doing these things and feel that your angel communication still isn’t strong enough then try the following – increase your self confidence and belief that you are hearing your angels through affirmations; ask your angels to help clear your psychic senses; ask your angels to clear your third eye, ear and crown chakras; ask your angels to come into your dreams and take away any doubts you may be having about whether you really are talking to angels or ask your angels for an unmistakeable sign that you are communicating with them, meditate more often.

Remember to let go of the outcome of the communication – if you believe that you have to see angels in order to communicate with them and you are not a particularly visual person, or you are afraid to see with your psychic senses, then you will set yourself up for disappointment. Angels most often communicate with us through words, feelings and emotions as these senses are much easier for angels to reach and we are much less likely to dismiss them as being wrong!

Trying to force communication to happen is counterproductive – the harder you try the less likely you are to hear or see anything. When we attempt to force an outcome, we are simply focusing really strongly on the belief that it’s not happening, and through the Law of Attraction this continues to be the case! The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on we get more of, so when we believe that we can’t talk to or communicate with angels then that is what we will get more of. Until you believe in your heart of hearts that you really are talking to angels, then you will continue to attract experiences that reinforce this belief.

Another way to improve your angelic communication is to talk to your angels while meditating. If you set the intention before you start meditating that you want to make contact with your angels, once you reach a state of relaxation then you will be able to talk to your angels quickly and easily. Once you get used to receiving messages from your angels in meditation, it doesn’t take much effort to then start receiving them when you are not meditating.

Hope these suggestions help,



I am often asked if it is okay to offer prayers for someone else, even if they don’t know they are being prayed for. The short and simple answer is yes. The effects of prayer are extremely powerful and scientific studies have been conducted showing that people who are under medical care and are prayed for recover more quickly and have less pain, than people who are not prayed for.

It may seem like you’re not actually doing anything when you pray, however that is merely the ego urging you to “do something”, in other words to take action. Well it may not be appropriate for you to take action yourself, or the actions that you can take are limited. Our soul’s response to another person being in trouble is to offer a prayer.

A few weeks ago the angels brought my attention to the sound of the siren of one of the emergency services and prompted me to say a little prayer. After all, if an emergency siren isn’t a call for help, what is?! Now every time I hear the sound of a siren I instantly offer this prayer that the angels taught me:

Angels, please send some help to the emergency services and the people and situation they are dealing with.

I feel a release of pressure in my stomach and head, because on some level I, too, am feeling the emotion of the situation that the emergency services are being called upon to help (remember, we are all one). By saying the prayer it enables extra angelic aid to be offered and for unexpected solutions to problems to be found.

So if there is a person or situation in your life in need of help and healing, please take a few moments to offer a heartfelt prayer on their behalf.



Archangel Uriel is the archangel who pours light onto situations, people and the planet. His name means Light of God. He is the Archangel upon whom I call to help with clarifying and illuminating situations.

While angels have no gender, they do have both masculine and feminine attributes and when you tune into Archangel Uriel you can feel a definite masculine energy.

When you tune into Archangel Uriel’s energy you can feel him standing behind you to the right, quite a distance away from you. He hovers round about your shoulder level so that he can hold up his lantern and shine it over you, illuminating what you are looking at. If you ever find yourself walking outside at night then ask Archangel Uriel to light the way for you. If you are ever uncertain about which way to go, if you have a choice to make, then ask Archangel Uriel to illuminate each choice and see which one feels best for you.

His light is very comforting and also quite warming. As I am writing this I can feel the back of my right shoulder getting quite warm! If you work intuitively as a healer, working with Archangel Uriel can help you to see exactly where to place your hands and to direct the healing energy.

Working with Archangel Uriel helps us to remember what it was like for us when we were in Spirit. His presence is so comforting, it’s like having a big blanket wrapped around you. He has a most wonderful smile – it’s small and faint and full of love of and compassion. His eyes are deep, and his gaze is penetrating. His voice is very quiet and his words are to the point. He doesn’t go in for flowery speeches. I particularly associate a pale yellow with Archangel Uriel, like the colour of a golden calcite crystal.

If you are conducting a healing, Archangel Uriel is the one who will stand in the North. North is the direction associated with deep wisdom; it is associated with winter, the time when we go within to seek shelter from the cold, and to plant the seeds of our desires for the year ahead. Archangel Uriel will oversee the first shoots of these desires as they rise to the surface and will help us to see if they are the right choices for us. If they are not, his lantern will scorch them and wither them; if they are then the light will strengthen them and help them grow and flourish unhindered.

Archangel Uriel communicates with us through our Soul Star chakra. This is a tiny chakra located about 12 inches above our head, above our Crown chakra. It sparkles like a diamond and is the chakra that is responsible for bringing spiritual light into our subtle energy system. If you are feeling tired and drained you can ask Archangel Uriel to replenish your energy for you, as well as asking Archangel Michael to cut, heal and seal with Divine Love and Wisdom any harmful links between you and anyone else.

Archangel Uriel helps to connect Lightworkers with each other. A Lightworker is someone who is instinctively drawn to helping other people, particularly through the medium of spiritual or holistic healing. This can take many forms, including simply being somewhere that is not thought of or associated with being spiritual; a Lightworker’s presence can be enough to bring change, peace and harmony to an otherwise troubled situation – for example the corporate world.

When you begin your spiritual quest you often feel like you’re the only person who feels this way, is the only one who thinks in this way. Then gradually, bit by bit, you find yourself meeting other people who think the same way that you do. This is Archangel Uriel at work, connecting you to other people with similar life purposes. A sort of spiritual “join the dots” if you like 🙂 Archangel Uriel is the angel who directed you to finding and reading this blog, as it is a way of bringing like-minded souls together who have little chance of meeting face to face.

So remember if there is a situation in your life that you need some help with, call upon Archangel Uriel to shine his light upon it. Simply think (or say out loud) “Archangel Uriel please help me see ………………… (describe the situation) clearly. Please also send me clear guidance about my role in resolving the situation. Thank you.”

May Uriel’s light guide you in your daily life.



As someone who treads a spiritual path, you will no doubt find yourself looking for ways in which you can help the wider world, as well as yourself, family and friends. However when we start looking at some of the problems of the world – war, famine, hatred, violence, environmental damage – it can seem like there is little one individual can do. The angels have taught me otherwise though.

Every day (sometimes twice a day) I offer this prayer to the angels to ask for peace and harmony to be brought to the world.

Angels, please bring peace and harmony to my neighbourhood

Angels, please bring peace and harmony to my wider neighbourhood

Angels, please bring peace and harmony to my city

Angels, please bring peace and harmony to my country

Angels, please bring peace and harmony to the world.

Angels, please bring peace and harmony to my neighbours

Angels, please bring peace and harmony to my friends and loved ones

Angels, please bring peace and harmony to me

This is one of the key roles of the angels – to bring peace and harmony to the Earth, and they do it one person at a time. As the angels help each person to become more peaceful and harmonious, that person then acts as a role model and example to other people and a ripple effect is created. This in turn helps to bring more peace and harmony to the world as a whole, one tiny step, one single person at a time.

The effects I have seen so far since I started saying this prayer include a reduction in the stress in my neighbour’s home, my own personal happiness increasing, a reduction in the level of police activity in the area and a general lightening of the atmosphere in the neighbourhood. I realise that this is one of the reasons the angels guided me to this area was to help bring light and healing to what is sometimes a very troubled part of my city, and to do it in a very direct way – through simply living in the area and praying.

Is there something in your neighbourhood or the world that is bothering you? Then simply ask the angels to help and that help is immediately given. You can be sure if the angels have brought it to your attention, they will also be bringing it to the attention of other people as well. The help may not be in the form you were expecting because

 Infinite Wisdom has many courses to choose from and you wouldn’t want to steer it toward one of less satisfaction through an insistence on one certain way – Wayne Dyer



PS Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Martin Luther King were just individuals too…